Yarn Knitting Patterns

If you are just getting into knitting, you may be surprised by how many different patterns are available for you to use. Many patterns are designed for certain yarn sizes or weights. Choosing the pattern you want to design will depend on the type of yarn you want to use. It is important to learn about your designs and why specific weights of yarn are intended for each.

Feel Good Yarn Company® is focused on creating a community of knitters that contribute designs and kits that we sell. This allows fellow knitters to stay connected and learn from each other. With that said, here is some insight on yarn types and different patterns that you can make with each.

Yarn Weight Classifications

Yarn is a very diverse material and there are several different types of information to categorize yarns. The yarn label is a great resource to find the yarn fiber content, color name and number, dye lot number, statement that the yarn is “no dye lot,” plies (number of strands), and weight classification. On top of that, you can see the home laundering or dry cleaning symbols to find out how to clean the pieces you create.

One of the most important aspects is the yarn weight classification. Often, the weight of the yarn you choose will be dictated by what the pattern or design calls for. The yarn weight classification doesn’t refer to how much the yarn weighs, but instead, it is a reference to the yarn’s diameter. Regardless, designs are made with a specific yarn weight classification in mind.

The yarn weight classification number ranges from 0 to 6 and the weight gets thicker as the number increases. Here are the classifications:

  • 0: Lace
  • 1: Super Fine
  • 2: Fine
  • 3: Light
  • 4: Medium
  • 5: Bulky
  • 6: Super Bulky

Knitting Patterns For Different Yarns

The SilverSpun® yarns comes in three different styles. SilverSpun ® Silk, SilverSpun® Sock, and SilverSpun® Sport. Each of these yarns offers a different weight to be used for certain designs. Here are some of the great designs we have for each type of yarn.

SilverSpun® Silk Designs

This is a very fine yarn that allows you to create pieces with beautiful drape and stitch definition. Here are some patterns that are great.

  • Kotiri Shawl: This gorgeous shawl really takes advantage of the fine quality of the yarn. Combined with the swooshing, flowing shape of the asymmetrical triangular shawl, you get a dynamic yet elegant piece of knitwear that sits lightly on the shoulders. The shawl has a knit lace pattern that is made using larger needles to give the design a see-through quality.
  • Silver Indigo Wrap: This wrap offers a light cover for cooler days. Knit on the bias using three shades of the same color gives you a gradient effect.  

SilverSpun® Sock Designs

This is a 3-ply sock weight yarn allowing for softer feeling garments while retaining the great quality of SilverSpun®.

  • Trellis Tam: This wonderful knit hat uses two different colors of the SilverSpun® Sock yarn knit using the Fair Isle or stranding technique.
  • Happy Hand Mitts: These mitts are designed as a more beautiful alternative to the tight fitting therapeutic hand mitts which benefit so many knitters.

SilverSpun® Sport Designs

This is a 4-ply sport weight yarn. It is a bit heavier than sock weight creating a denser fabric.  Here are some great patterns available to make designs using SilverSpun® Sport yarn.

  • Pompeii Hat: This pattern gives you different sizes to make the right hat for your head. The mosaic stitch pattern creates a dense fabric to keep you warm on the coldest days.
  • Fayatteville Cowl: This cowl brings some uniqueness to your style with a wavy look.

Knit With SilverSpun® Yarn

SilverSpun® is a very special type of yarn that spins silver into the yarn to create therapeutic qualities. If you are looking for a luxury yarn to create your pieces, this is the perfect option. Sign up for our mailing list and we will send you a code for FREE SHIPPING on your first order.