Our Customers Love SilverSpun® Yarns

Unsolicited Testimonials from Our Customers


I just wanted to say thank you. I used your yarn to make a pair of Mary Jane slippers. When I finished the slippers I put them in my dresser drawer,  I was on chemo and afraid that I would get sick. That was a huge concern during the 12 sessions I had. I never got extremely ill. (But my luck would have been use the slippers and loose the slippers so I didn’t). Cold weather is back in New England. I took the slippers out of hiding as I finished chemo back in April. I am amazed at how warm and comfortable the slippers are. It was worth waiting to put them on. Thank you for a great yarn. I have another skein so I am looking forward to making another pair.  - Karen


My Mom is 84 and has terrible arthritis and her ankles are very swollen.  The SilverSpun seems to help her, so I make her socks – that way, I can adjust for the ankle size.  She absolutely loves them and they are so comfortable.  I was at her house just the other day and she had to show me how she has them carefully folded in her drawer!  It made my day.  I also love to support small business since I’m one too and I know how hard you work!  - Kendra


I just have to say, the yarn is incredible for arthritis, just as we'd hoped. Last fall, I knit a pair of gloves each for my husband and mother (my first!), and both of them have been helped enormously over the winter. My husband even was able to fend off some blisters when he cold-burned his hand on propane (he works with RVs, so can encounter propane right out of the storage tank, which is super duper cold and can burn and blister like heat can). He immediately popped his glove on and was surprised to find that he didn't have a blister afterwards. Perhaps it was because of the silver, perhaps not, but he loves them and keeps them in his vest pocket all the time. We've been married more than 6 years and these are the first knitted object I've made him that he actually wants and uses - it's awesome. And my mother has requested a second pair of fingerless mitts from the yarn, as she loves her pair of those as well. So great that soon, the colors will be naturally dyed! I have just over two skeins of sport to knit myself some gloves and Mom her mitts, and after that, we'll be able to look at the natural colors. - Erin


I bought 2 skeins of the SilverSpun® yarn to make some fingerless mitts for my mom.  She is 91 and suffers from arthritis in both of her hands, making it harder and harder for her to knit – a lifelong passion.  I made the mitts and used a #3.0 mm needle and made them just a skinch smaller than her actual hand measurement.  I only used 1 skein and have some left over.  The pattern is just one I made up and use a lot.  Anyway, she has had the mitts now for a few days and she says her hands feel so much better and that she can knit with them on!  She is very excited about them.  I told her it was a bit early to assume that it is the gloves and not just a coincidence of some good days, but she is encouraged.  I wanted to let you know and I will keep you posted on her comments.  - Nancy


I just wanted to thank you for having made your yarn available.  I loved knitting with it...baby sweaters and hats, and blankets and my favorite pair of socks which you were kind enough to share with me at NY Vogue.  I wish I had more if you ever resume business. - Karen


I love the power of your yarn.  My haramaki, the belly warmer, is so comforting. -Susan


These socks are amazingly soft and comfortable.  I love that they are also anti-microbial and have other therapeutic qualities! - Maggie H.


The attention to detail in the pattern is lovely. The socks are practical, attractive, soft, and comfortable. - satisfied customer


“My feet feel like they’re still in bed!” Quote from my friend whom they were gifted to. I also knit a pair from your indigo sock yarn and they are divine! Thank you for supporting women and this craft 🙏 We also love your packaging!!!


Wore my new socks hiking today. I love them!!   - Cathy B