Kotiri Shawl Knitting Pattern

The Kotiri Shawl was designed specifically for our SilverSpun® Silk by, Francoise Danoy, aka Aroha Knits.  Kotiri means "shooting star" in the Maori language. The Maori are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand, of which Francoise shares her heritage.  She said the way the silver in SilverSpun® Silk sparkled ever so subtly reminded her of twinkling stars.

Designing the Kotiri Shawl

Francoise's words: "I used a very special yarn for this project, Silver Spun® Silk, which as the name says, has silver intertwined into the fiber! The silver sparkles ever so subtly in the fabric, like twinkling stars in the sky. Combined with the swooshing, flowing shape of the asymmetrical triangular shawl, you get a dynamic yet elegant piece of knitwear that sits lightly on the shoulders to make you feel cosmic."  We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Our New Yarn - SilverSpun® Silk

Our brand new yarn, SilverSpun® Silk, is in a word, glorious!  The drape, the stitch definition and the way it takes color is exactly what we'd hoped for when designing the yarn.  SilverSpun® Silk is a blend of American grown cotton, silver and Tussah Silk.  Not familiar with Tussah silk?  It is sometimes referred to as "Peace Silk" because the silk is produced in a much more humane way than traditional mulberry silk production by allowing the silkworms to develop into moths.  In other words, no creature died in the making of the silk. The yarn is hand dyed using only natural dyes and comes in 10 gorgeous colors.

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