Knitting Design

Cold weather can make it difficult to enjoy the world when you are out and about. From pains in the joints caused by the cold to inconvenience in using your smartphones in the cold weather, there are many ways it is tough without the proper clothing. SilverSpun® yarn is an incredible material that can help to make outdoor excursions a more soothing and comfortable experience.

Feel Good Yarn Company® is a wonderful community of knitters who contribute beautiful designs specific to the SilverSpun® yarn. Our specialized material adds a lot of wonderful features to your designs as well as health benefits from the silver mixed in with the material. Learn about our SilverSpun ® yarn and all the benefits it can brings to your pieces.

Connectivity Gloves

Have you ever tried using your smartphone or handheld device with gloves? For the most part, it doesn’t work and you have to take your glove off to use the touch screen. SilverSpun® is special because it allows the wearer to touch their screen and navigate through their phone.

Kill Odor Causing Bacteria

Silver inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria. It is uncomfortable wearing a piece that doesn’t smell right. With the silver in the yarn, you’ll be able to maintain the fresh smell of your knit clothing a lot longer.

Thermal Properties

The thermal properties of silver ensure that the knit materials are able to produce plenty of warmth when you wear them in cold weather. This will improve the effectiveness of knit hats or knit scarves especially if you have an aversion to animal fibers.

Soothing for Arthritis

The thermal properties of silver can be beneficial for those with arthritis. SilverSpun® yarn keeps your hands or feet warm and in turn warms up your joints. The extra warmth is soothing to your arthritis and allows you to minimize the pain you experience in cold weather. The cold doesn’t have to be a painful experience for you.

Great for Diabetics

Like arthritis, the thermal properties of items that are knit with the SilverSpun® yarn have a soothing effect on people with diabetes or sensitive skin. Silver has anti-microbial properties  that assist in killing germs, helping to keep the feet of diabetics wearing socks made from the yarn infection free. Best of all, the silver in the material is permanently adhered to the yarn and will not wash out.

Knit Designs With SilverSpun® Yarn!

As you can see, the SilverSpun® product brings a lot of unique qualities to your knit works.  If you sign up for our email list, we will send you a coupon for FREE SHIPPING on your first order.