Knit Patterns for Shawls and Socks

It can be difficult finding the right pattern for your knit pieces. It is important to find a pattern that will provide your piece with beauty and comfort. If you are looking for wonderful patterns for shawls and socks, the patterns available from Feel Good Yarn Company® are great. These patterns are designed with the SilverSpun® yarn in mind and give your pieces a soothing therapeutic quality.

At Feel Good Yarn Company®  we have a tight community of designers who produce patterns designed specifically for SilverSpun® yarns. Here are some of the wonderful patterns for shawls and socks designed exclusively for us.

Knitting Patterns for Shawls

These patterns feature our SilverSpun® Silk yarn to give your pieces a light and breezy characteristic, with beautiful drape and stitch definition.

  • Kotiri Shawl: This gorgeous shawl really takes advantage of the fine quality of the yarn. Combined with the swooshing, flowing shape of the asymmetrical triangular shawl, you get a dynamic yet elegant piece of knitwear that sits lightly on the shoulders. The shawl has a knit lace pattern that is made with larger needles to give the design a see-through quality.
  • Silver Indigo Wrap: This wrap offers a light cover for cooler days. Knit on the bias using three shades of the same color gives you a gradient effect.  

Knitting Patterns for Socks

Using the SilverSpun® Sock yarn  you will be able to get the best comfort out of your knitted socks. Along with the therapeutic properties, you can sooth your feet and improve your overall foot comfort.

  • Boone Socks: These ankle high socks use the SilverSpun® Sport yarn to give your feet thick protection against the cold. They make for a great "house sock."
  • Boot Socks: A clever hybrid, halfway between socks and legwarmers. The foot is worked in SilverSpun® Sock yarn, making a well-fitted and warm but not bulky sock, and the leg is worked in a squishy brioche pattern in a gorgeous soft wool of your choice.
  • Jewel Box Socks: These socks incorporate a beautiful lace pattern and bobble work creating a lovely summer sock.

Try Designs With SilverSpun® Yarn!

Our community is made up of incredibly talented designers who contribute designs created specifically for SilverSpun® yarns. We only feature patterns that have been designed specifically for our silver infused product. If you sign up for our mailing list we will send you a code for FREE SHIPPING on your first order.