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The Naturally Dyed Colors of SilverSpun® Silk

The Naturally Dyed Colors of SilverSpun® Silk

Our new yarn, SilverSpun® Silk, is a glorious blend of American grown Combed Cotton, Tussah Silk and Silver.  Each skein is hand dyed using the best natural dyes available.  We are very proud that we are using only natural dyes for this yarn and thought it might be helpful to share what botanical dye(s) we used to create the beautiful colors of the SilverSpun® Silk color pallet. 

Today we take a look at, "Cloud Burst".  The variegated soft grays (with just a hint of purple) of this yarn were made using Logwood and Iron.

Logwood Extract – Logwood (Haematoxylum campechianum) originates from the Yucatan region of Mexico and is naturalized throughout Central America and parts of the Caribbean. It was also known as Palo de Campeche or Campeche wood. Like cochineal, it was one of the valuable dyes from the New World and Spain and England went to war over regions that were lush with logwood trees in an effort to control the lucrative logwood dye trade.

Logwood yields a rich, deep purple which was used as a base or “bottom” for the desirable dark purple and black colors of European fashion and aristocracy.  It was in such high demand that in the 18th century, nearly all black dyed cloth was colored from Logwood. Today it is used as a traditional textile dye, a laboratory stain and for dyeing sutures. Logwood by itself is not particularly lightfast, so keep from bright sunlight. With added iron, its lightfastness increases and the color darkens to a near black.

Ferrous Sulfate – Ferrous sulfate (iron) is used as a color changer, darkening or “saddening” natural dyes on protein or cellulose fibers and also increases lightfastness for dyes that are prone to fading. Many of the famous black dye recipes from the 17th and 18th century use generous amounts of iron and tannin to produce rich black and gray colors.

You can find this color, as well as all the other beautiful naturally dyed colors of SilverSpun® Silk here.