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The Naturally Dyed Colors of SilverSpun® Silk

The Naturally Dyed Colors of SilverSpun® Silk

Our new yarn, SilverSpun® Silk, is a glorious blend of American grown Combed Cotton, Tussah Silk and Silver.  Each skein is hand dyed using the best natural dyes available.  We are very proud that we are using only natural dyes for this yarn and thought it might be helpful to share what botanical dye(s) we used to create the beautiful colors of the SilverSpun® Silk color pallet. 

Today we take a look at, "Calm Seas".  The beautiful subtle color combination of green and blue for this yarn was created using Indigo, Weld & Tannic Acid (fustic).

Indigo - Species of Indigofera were cultivated in Peru, India, East Asia and Egypt in antiquity. The earliest direct evidence for the use of indigo dates to around 4000 BCE and comes from Huaca Prieta, in contemporary Peru. Indigo was actually a plant that got its name because it came from the Indus Valley, discovered some 5,000 years ago, where it was called nila, meaning dark blue. And by the 7th Century BC, people starting using the plant as a dye — Mesopotamians were even carving out recipes for making indigo dye onto clay tablets for record-keeping. By 1289, knowledge of the dye made its way to Europe, when the Venetian merchant traveler Marco Polo reported on it.

Weld Extract – Weld (Reseda luteola) is the most light fast of the yellow dyes, used by ancient tapestry weavers in Central Asia, Turkey and Europe. Weld is the brightest and clearest yellow flower dye and in combination with iron creates a rich chartreuse, or overdyed with indigo is a clear lime green.

Fustic – Fustic (Chlorophora tinctoria) is a tall tropical hardwood that grows from Mexico to Argentina.  Fustic is high in tannic acid, which makes it an ideal cotton dye; in fact, it was used in the military to dye the color khaki during World War I. On cotton, it will dye a clear gold and on silk and wool it will dye gold to orange. Fustic also provides a good base for other colors: overdyed with indigo for green; combined with madder and cochineal to make oranges; and mixed with logwood or with iron to produce olive greens.

You can find this color, as well as all the other beautiful naturally dyed colors of SilverSpun® Silk here.